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Power-on password

If a power-on password is set, when you turn on the server, you must type the power-on password to complete the system startup. You can use any combination of 6 - 20 printable ASCII characters for the password.

When a power-on password is set, you can enable the Unattended Start mode, in which the keyboard and mouse remain locked but the operating system can start. You can unlock the keyboard and mouse by typing the power-on password.

If you forget the power-on password, you can regain access to the server in any of the following ways:

  • If an administrator password is set, type the administrator password at the password prompt. Start the Setup utility and reset the power-on password.
    If you set an administrator password and then forget it, there is no way to change, override, or remove it. You must replace the system board.
  • Remove the battery from the server, wait 30 seconds, and then reinstall it.
  • Change the position of the power-on password switch (enable switch 2 of the system board switch block (SW1) to bypass the password check (see System-board switches and jumpers for more information).
    Before you change any switch settings or move any jumpers, turn off the server; then, disconnect all power cords and external cables. See the safety information that begins Safety. Do not change settings or move jumpers on any system-board switch or jumper blocks that are not shown in this document.

    The default for all of the switches on switch block SW1 is Off.

    While the server is turned off, move switch 2 of the switch block SW1 to the On position to enable the power-on password override. You can then start the Setup utility and reset the power-on password. You do not have to return the switch to the previous position.

    The power-on password override switch does not affect the administrator password.