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Parts Listing

Identify each of the components that included in the box that contains the rack cabinet.

Figure 1. Rack cabinet components

Table 1. Rack cabinet components
1 Rack cabinet frame6 Removable and reversible door
2 Rear cable flanges7 Key
3 Vertical mounting flanges8 Hardware bag (see Hardware bag)
4 Removable side panel9 Removable side panel
5 Bolt-down bracket 

Hardware bag

Figure 2. Components in the hardware bag

Table 2. Components in the hardware bag
1 Four M5x12 screws6 20 plastic cup washers
2 20 M6x16 screws7 One 13mm/14mm wrench
3 Four hole plugs8 20 cage nuts
4 One cage nut tool9 Ten flange nuts
5 One T30/#2 Phillips wrench10 15 cable straps