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Acoustic Mode

To reduce the noise level of the enclosure during run-time, you can configure the enclosure to five different acoustic modes.

Figure 1. Acoustic Mode Selection
Acoustic Mode Selection
  1. Select the mode from the drop-down menu according to your preference.

    • None: Fan speeds change as required for optimal cooling.

    • Mode 1: Highest acoustics attenuation (lowest cooling).

    • Mode 2: Higher acoustics attenuation.

    • Mode 3: Intermediate acoustics attenuation.

    • Mode 4: Low acoustics attenuation (higher cooling).

    • Mode 5: Aggressive cooling mode.

  2. Click on Apply after choosing the acoustic mode from the drop-down menu to activate the setting.

    • Acoustic modes can only apply to the entire enclosure as a whole.

    • When acoustic modes are applied, nodes workload is also capped to avoid over-heating.

    • If there is power or thermal demanding PCI adapter that is installed in the enclosure, acoustic mode is automatically disabled except when set in Mode 5 (Aggressive cooling mode).