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LAN configuration parameters

The following table is detail parameters for LAN configuration .

Table 1. LAN configuration parameters
Parameter selector#Parameter data (non-volatile)
Address source0x04

IP address source

data1 - obtain IP address method:

1h: Static IP address

2h: DHCP only

4h: First DHCP, then static IP address

Host Name0xC3

BMC hostname

data 1: string length, max = 63

Data 2-N: the string of BMC hostname

DNS Domain Name0xC4

DNS Domain Name. Set operation implicates using static for DNS Domain Name.

The setting of “Use DHCP for DNS Domain Name” will be disabled

Data 1: string length, max = 237

Data 2-N: the string of DNS Domain name

DHCP Send Hostname option0xC5


0 = Disabled

1 = Enabled