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Network Configuration

You can modify networking parameters in Network configuration.

You can modify following networking parameters in Network configuration section:
  • Host Name

  • DNS Domain Name

  • Auto Negotiation Mode

  • Network Speed

  • Duplex Mode

  • IP Version (IPv4, IPv6) Enable/Disable

  • IP Address

  • IP Source (Static, DHCP first then Static)

  • Gateway

  • Subnet Mask

  • DNS Server

  • VLAN

Figure 1. Network Configuration
Network Configuration

General SettingsTo change the Network settings may change IP address settings. Each change to settings may cause a loss in connectivity and the termination of all sessions. Changes may not take effect immediately.

Default settings for Network configuration:
  • Host Name: SMM-$MAC_ADDR

  • DNS Domain Name:

Figure 2. Network Interface Configuration
Network Interface Configuration

Click on the item of Network Interface Configuration leads to the detail network settings.

Default settings for Network Interface Configuration:
  • Auto Negotiation: On

  • Dynamic DNS: Unchecked

  • Use DHCP for DNS Domain Name: Unchecked

  • Respond to ARP: Checked

Figure 3. IPv4 Settings
IPv4 Settings
Default settings for IPv4 Settings:
  • IPv4: Enabled

  • Use DHCP first, then Static: Checked

  • IP Address:

  • Subnet Mask:

  • Gateway:

  • Preferred/Alternate DNS Server: Blank

Figure 4. IPv6 Settings
IPv6 Settings
Default settings for IPv6 Settings:
  • IPv6: Enabled

  • Use DHCP: Checked

  • Use Stateless Address Auto-configuration: Checked

  • IP Address 1: Blank (configured by user)

  • IP Address 2: Blank (configured by user)

  • Gateway: Blank (configured by user)

  • Link Local Address: Converted from MAC address automatically

  • Use DHCP to obtain DNS Server address: Unchecked

  • Preferred/Alternate DNS Server: Blank (configured by user)

Figure 5. VLAN Settings
VLAN Settings
Default settings for VLAN Settings:
  • VLAN: Disabled