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Web interface access

SMM2 web interface can be accessed through Ethernet connection (10/100Mbit) by establishing a session with SMM2.

Connecting to the SMM2 for the first time might require a change of the Internet protocol properties on the client computer. See Network Configuration section for more information.
For enhanced security SMM2 firmware that complies with NIST800-131A, please enable at least TLS1.2 on web browser to use SMM2 Web interface.
To log in to the SMM2 web interface, complete the following steps :
  1. Point your browser to the SMM2 web interface URL that your system administrator defined during initial configuration.

  2. Following out-of-factory default network settings is applied at first use of SMM2:
    • IPv4 enabled with static IP =

    • IPv6 enabled with local link address (LLA) IP.

      To calculate LLA IP, follow procedures below:
      1. Split the MAC address of FPC (39-A7-94-07-CB-D0)into two parts and insert FF-FE in the middle. For example, 39-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0

      2. Convert the two hexadecimal digits at the left end of the string to binary. For example, 00111001-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0

      3. Invert the value for bit 7 of the binary string. For example, 00111011-A7-94-FF-FE-07-CB-D0

      4. Convert the binary digits at the left end of the string back to hexadecimal.

      5. Combine the hexadecimal digit pairs into 4-digit groups. For example, 3BA7-94FF-FE07-CBD0

      6. Replace dash (-) separators with colon (:) separators. For example, 3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0

      7. Add Fe80:: to the left of the string. For example, FE80::3BA7:94FF:FE07:CBD0

  3. Type your user ID and password assigned by a system administrator.
    • Default ID: USERID

    • Password: PASSW0RD

      The sixth character of PASSW0RD is number zero.
  4. Click Log in.