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UEFI events organized by severity

The following table lists all UEFI events, organized by severity (Information, Error, and Warning).

Table 1. Events organized by severity
Event IDMessage StringSeverity
FQXSFMA0001IDIMM [arg1] Disable has been recovered. [arg2]Informational
FQXSFMA0002IThe uncorrectable memory error state has been cleared.Informational
FQXSFMA0006I[arg1] DIMM [arg2] has been detected, the DIMM serial number is [arg3].Informational
FQXSFMA0007I[arg1] DIMM number [arg2] has been replaced. [arg3]Informational
FQXSFMA0008IDIMM [arg1] POST memory test failure has been recovered. [arg2]Informational
FQXSFMA0011IMemory population change detected. [arg1]Informational
FQXSFPU0020IThe UEFI firmware image capsule signature is invalid.Informational
FQXSFPU0021IThe TPM physical presence state has been cleared.Informational
FQXSFPU0023ISecure Boot Image Verification Failure has been cleared as no failure in this round boot.Informational
FQXSFPU0025IThe default system settings have been restored.Informational
FQXSFPU4034ITPM Firmware recovery is finished, rebooting system to take effect.Informational
FQXSFPU4038ITPM Firmware recovery successful.Informational
FQXSFPU4041ITPM Firmware update is in progress. Please DO NOT power off or reset system.Informational
FQXSFPU4042ITPM Firmware update is finished, rebooting system to take effect.Informational
FQXSFPU4044IThe current TPM firmware version could not support TPM version toggling.Informational
FQXSFPU4046ITPM Firmware will be updated from TPM1.2 to TPM2.0.Informational
FQXSFPU4047ITPM Firmware will be updated from TPM2.0 to TPM1.2.Informational
FQXSFPU4048IA request was made to update the TPM 2.0 firmware to version
FQXSFPU4049ITPM Firmware update successful.Informational
FQXSFPU4080IHost Power-On password has been changed.Informational
FQXSFPU4081IHost Power-On password has been cleared.Informational
FQXSFPU4082IHost Admin password has been changed.Informational
FQXSFPU4083IHost Admin password has been cleared.Informational
FQXSFPU4084IHost boot order has been changed.Informational
FQXSFPU4085IHost WOL boot order has been changed.Informational
FQXSFSM0007IThe XCC System Event log (SEL) is full.Informational
FQXSFSR0002I[arg1] GPT corruption recovered, DiskGUID: [arg2]Informational
FQXSFDD0001GDRIVER HEALTH PROTOCOL: Missing Configuration. Requires Change Settings From F1.Warning
FQXSFDD0002MDRIVER HEALTH PROTOCOL: Reports 'Failed' Status Controller.Warning
FQXSFDD0003IDRIVER HEALTH PROTOCOL: Reports 'Reboot' Required Controller.Warning
FQXSFDD0005MDRIVER HEALTH PROTOCOL: Disconnect Controller Failed. Requires 'Reboot'.Warning
FQXSFDD0006MDRIVER HEALTH PROTOCOL: Reports Invalid Health Status Driver.Warning
FQXSFDD0007GSecurity Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM) IPMI Error.Warning
FQXSFMA0029LThe [arg1] PFA Threshold limit has been exceeded on DIMM [arg2]. [arg3]Warning
FQXSFMA0076MDIMM [arg1] is not supported, DIMM identifier is [arg2].Warning
FQXSFPU0021GHardware physical presence is in asserted state.Warning
FQXSFPU0022GThe TPM configuration is not locked.Warning
FQXSFPU0023GSecure Boot Image Verification Failure Warning.Warning
FQXSFPU0024GIntel UEFI ACM startup failed, make sure TPM is enabled.Warning
FQXSFPU4033FTPM Firmware recovery is in progress. Please DO NOT power off or reset system.Warning
FQXSFPU4035MTPM Firmware recovery failed. TPM chip may be damaged.Warning
FQXSFPU4040MTPM selftest has failed.Warning
FQXSFPU4043GTPM Firmware update aborted. System is rebooting...Warning
FQXSFPU4045GPhysical Presence is not asserted, abort TPM Firmware upgrade.Warning
FQXSFPU4050GFailed to update TPM Firmware.Warning
FQXSFPU4051GUndefined TPM_TCM_POLICY foundWarning
FQXSFPU4052GTPM_TCM_POLICY is not lockedWarning
FQXSFPU4053GSystem TPM_TCM_POLICY does not match the planar.Warning
FQXSFPU4054GTPM/TCM card logical binding has failed.Warning
FQXSFPW0001LCMOS has been cleared.Warning
FQXSFSM0002NBoot Permission denied by Management Module: System Halted.Warning
FQXSFSM0003NTimed Out waiting on boot permission from Management Module: System Halted.Warning
FQXSFSM0004MAn XCC communication failure has occurred.Warning
FQXSFSR0001M[arg1] GPT corruption detected, DiskGUID: [arg2]Warning
FQXSFSR0003GThe number of boot attempts has been exceeded. No bootable device found.Warning
FQXSFTR0001LAn invalid date and time have been detected.Warning
FQXSFDD0004MDRIVER HEALTH PROTOCOL: Reports 'System Shutdown' Required Controller.Error
FQXSFIO0011MA PCIe parity error has occurred on Bus [arg1] Device [arg2] Function [arg3]. The Vendor ID for the device is [arg4] and the Device ID is [arg5]. The Physical slot number is [arg6].Error
FQXSFIO0012MA PCIe system error has occurred on Bus [arg1] Device [arg2] Function [arg3]. The Vendor ID for the device is [arg4] and the Device ID is [arg5]. The Physical slot number is [arg6].Error
FQXSFMA0001MDIMM [arg1] has been disabled due to an error detected during POST. [arg2]Error
FQXSFMA0002MAn uncorrectable memory error has been detected on DIMM [arg1]. [arg2]Error
FQXSFMA0003KA memory mismatch has been detected. Please verify that the memory configuration is valid. [arg1]Error
FQXSFMA0004NNo system memory has been detected. [arg1]Error
FQXSFMA0005NMemory is present within the system but could not be configured. Please verify that the memory configuration is valid. [arg1]Error
FQXSFMA0008MDIMM [arg1] has failed the POST memory test. [arg2]Error
FQXSFMA0027KInvalid memory configuration (Unsupported DIMM Population) detected. Please verify memory configuration is valid.Error
FQXSFPU0016NA processor within the system has failed the BIST.Error
FQXSFPU0017GA processor microcode update failed.Error
FQXSFPU0018NCATERR(IERR) has asserted on processor [arg1].Error
FQXSFPU0019NAn uncorrectable error has been detected on processor [arg1].Error
FQXSFPU0030NA firmware fault has been detected in the UEFI image.Error
FQXSFPU0031NThe number of POST attempts has reached the value configured in F1 setup.The system has booted with default UEFI settings. User specified settings have been preserved and will be used on subsequent boots unless modified before rebooting.Error
FQXSFPU0034LThe TPM could not be initialized properly.Error
FQXSFPU4056MTPM/TCM card is changed, need install back the original TCM/TPM card which shipped with the system.Error
FQXSFSM0008MBoot permission timeout detected.Error