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2.5-inch drive backplane kits

See this section to identify parts that are enclosed in the 2.5-inch backplane kits.

The server supports up to three drive backplanes with the following corresponding drive bay numbers.
Figure 1. Drive backplane numbering

Table 1. Drive backplanes and corresponding drive bays
 Drive backplaneDrive bay Supported drive backplaneSupported drive
110 to 7
  • 2.5-inch SAS/SATA 8-bay drive backplane
  • 2.5-inch AnyBay/NVMe 8-bay drive backplane
  • 2.5-inch SAS/SATA drives
  • 2.5-inch NVMe drives
228 to 15
3316 to 23
When the following components are installed in the system, bay 16 to 23 are disabled, and the maximal supported drive quantity is 16.
  • PMEMs
  • 256 GB 3DS DRIMMs