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System-board LEDs

The following illustrations show the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the system board.

Figure 1. System-board LEDs

Table 1. System board LEDs descriptions and actions.
LEDDescriptions and actions
1 System error LED (yellow)LED on: An error has occurred. Complete the following steps:
  1. Check the identification LED and check log LED and follow the instructions.
  2. Check the Lenovo XClarity Controller event log and the system error log for information about the error.
  3. Save the log if necessary, and clear the log afterward.
2 Identification LED (blue)This LED is used as a presence detection LED. You can use Lenovo XClarity Controller to light this LED remotely. Use this LED to locate the server among other servers visually.
3 XCC heartbeat LED (green)This LED indicates XCC heartbeat and boot process:
  • LED blinking fast: XCC code is in the loading process.
  • LED going off momentarily: XCC code has loaded completely.
  • LED going off momentarily and then starts blinking slowing: XCC is fully operational. You can now press the power-control button to power on the server.
4 FPGA heartbeat LED (green)This LED indicates power-on and power-off sequencing.
  • LED blinking: the system is functioning properly, and no action is necessary.
  • LED not blinking: (trained technician only) replace the system board (see System board replacement).
5 Light path power LEDThis LED indicates if there is sufficient power to lit the LEDs when light path button is pressed while the system is not connected to the power.
6 10 Processor LEDsLED on: An error has occurred to the processor the LED represents. See Processor problems for more information.
7 9 11 DIMM error LEDsLED on: An error has occurred to the DIMM the LED represents. See Memory problems for more information.
8 Fan LEDsLED on: An error has occurred to the fan the LED represents. See Fan problems for more information.