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FQXSFIO0019J : PCIe Resource Conflict.

PCIe Resource Conflict.



User Action

Complete the following steps:

  1. If this PCIe device and/or any attached cables were recently installed, moved, serviced or upgraded, reseat the adapter and any attached cables.
  2. Move the adapter to a different system slot, if available.
  3. Check Lenovo Support site for any applicable service bulletin or UEFI or adapter firmware update that applies to this error.
    It may be necessary to configure slot to Gen1 or to use special utility software so that adapter firmware can be upgraded. Gen1/Gen2 settings can be configured via F1 Setup -> System Settings -> Devices and I/O Ports ->PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 Speed Selection, or the OneCLI utility.
  4. If the problem persists, collect Service Data logs.
    The solution for this error may involve a system board replacement. If TPM encryption has been enabled, back up TPM Encryption Recovery Key.