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Install the security bezel

Use this procedure to install the security bezel.

Before installing the security bezel:
  1. Read the safety information and installation guidelines (see Safety and Installation Guidelines).

  2. If you have removed the rack handles, reinstall it (see ThinkSystem SR850 Rack Installation Guide).

To install the security bezel, complete the following steps:

  1. Carefully insert the tabs on the security bezel into the slots on the right rack handle. Then, press and hold the release latch, and pivot the security bezel inward until the other side clicks into place.
    Figure 1. Security bezel installation

    1 Release latch
  2. Use the key to lock the security bezel to the closed position.
    Figure 2. Locking the security bezel

After installing the security bezel, push or install the server into the rack if necessary. See ThinkSystem SR860 Rack Installation Guide that comes with the rail kit.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube