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Power supply LEDs

This topic provides information about various power supply LED status and corresponding action suggestions.

The following minimum configuration is required for the ac power LED on the power supply to be lit:

  • Power supply

  • Power cord

  • Appropriate input power from the power source

The following minimum configuration is required for the server to start:

  • 16 GB DIMM

  • Two processors installed

  • At least one 2.5-inch drive installed

  • One power supply

  • Power cord

The following table describes the problems that are indicated by various combinations of the power-supply LEDs and the power-on LED on the front operator panel and suggested actions to correct the detected problems.

Power supply LEDsDescriptionActionNote



OnOnOffNormal operation The server is functioning correctly.
OffOffOffNo ac power to the server, a problem with the ac power source, or a power supply has failed.
  1. Check the ac power to the server.

  2. Make sure that the power cord is connected to a functioning power source.

  3. Restart the server. If the error remains, check the power-supply LEDs.

  4. Replace the power-supply.

OffOffOnNo input power to the power supply or the power-supply has detected an internal problem.
  1. Make sure that the power cord is connected to a functioning power source.

  2. Replace the power supply.

This happens only when a second power supply is providing power to the server
OffOnOffThe power supply has failed.Replace the power supply. 
OnBlinkingOffThe power supply is in zero output mode (standby). When the total power consumption is low, only one of the power supplies delivers the entire power, while the other is put into this mode.Zero output advanced mode is on by default, and the standby power supply unit will function normally when power consumption increases. To disable zero output mode, choose F1 -> System Settings -> Power -> Zero Output -> Disable. 
OffOnOnFaulty power supply.Replace the power supply. 
OnOffOffThe system is off: The system is connected to power. The server is functioning correctly.
   The system is on: Power-supply not fully seated, faulty standard I/O book, or faulty power-supply.
  1. Reseat the power supply.

  2. Replace the power-supply.

  3. Replace the standard I/O book.

It usually indicates the power supply is not fully seated.
OnOffOnFaulty power supply.Replace the power supply. 
OnOnOnFaulty power supply.Replace the power supply.