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System configuration and boot management

Use this section to understand UEFI setting menu structure, available options of each options, and default settings.

If the Serial Over LAN (SOL) utility window is displayed incorrectly, change the window buffer size to ROW(100) x Column (31).
System Configuration and Boot Management
Select Language
  • English

  • 中文 (简体)

  • 中文 (繁體)

  • Français

  • Deutsch

  • Italiano

  • 日本語

  • 한국어

  • Português(Brasil)

  • Español

  • Pусский

Selectable option.

Press [Enter] to change the language for the current system.

The default language is English.

Launch Graphical System Setup 

Selectable option.

Press [Enter] to enter the graphical user interface for system setup utilities.

System Information 

Sub menu.

Display the basic details of the system.

System Settings 

Sub menu.

Display or modify system settings. Changes may not take effect immediately. Save any changed settings and reboot the system.

Date and Time 

Sub menu.

Set the local Date and Time of the system.

Start Options 

Sub menu.

Boot a desired selection from the primary boot sequence as specified under Boot Manager.

Boot Manager 

Sub menu.

Change boot order, boot parameters, and boot from a file.

BMC Settings 

Sub menu.

Configure the management controller.

System Event Logs 

Sub menu.

Clear or view the System Event Log.

User Security 

Sub menu.

Set or change Power-On and Administrator passwords.

Save Settings 

Executive item.

Press [Enter] to save the changes and commit them to BMC.

Discard Settings 

Executive item.

Press [Enter] to discard any changes during this login.
Load Default Settings 

Executive item.

Press [Enter] to load the default values for system settings.

Exit Setup Utility 

Executive item.

Press [Enter] to exit Setup.