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System Summary

Table 1. System Summary
System Identification Data
Machine Type/Model

ASCII string of 10 or 8 characters

Displays System Machine Type and Model.

Serial Number

ASCII string of 10 or 8 characters

Displays tag for Serial Number.

UUID Number

16-byte Hexadecimal String of 32 characters

Displays tag for UUID.

Asset Tag Number

ASCII string of 32 characters

Displays Asset Tag Number.

Installed CPU packages

ASCII string of 1 character

Displays number of Installed CPU packages.

Processor Speed

y.yyy GHz

Displays Processor Speed.

Memory Speed

yyyy MHz

Displays speed of the installed memory.

Total Usable Memory Capacity

yyyy GB

Displays amount of the usable memory capacity minus the overhead required by mirroring mode, reserved capacity, bad blocks and other factors.