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System-board LEDs

The following illustration shows the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the system board.

Figure 1. The LEDs on the system board. (cy1cd039)
The LEDs on the system board
When you disconnect the power source from the server, you lose the ability to view the LEDs because the LEDs are not lit when the power source is removed. Before you disconnect the power source, make a note of which LEDs are lit, including the LEDs that are lit on the operation information panel and LEDs inside the server on the system board
Table 1. System-board LEDs
Standby power LEDWhen this LED is lit, it indicates that the server is connected to ac power.
DIMM error LEDsA memory DIMM has failed or is incorrectly installed.
Microprocessor error LEDMicroprocessor has failed, is missing, or has been incorrectly installed.
System-board error LEDSystem-board CPU VRD and/or power voltage regulators have failed.
IMM2 heartbeat LED

Indicates the status of the boot process of the IMM2.

When the server is connected to power this LED flashes quickly to indicate that the IMM2 code is loading. When the loading is complete, the LED stops flashing briefly and then flashes slowly to indicate that the IMM2 if fully operational and you can press the power-control button to start the server.

RTMM heartbeat LEDpower-on and power-off sequencing.