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Serial port problems

Table 1. Serial port problems and actions
  • Follow the suggested actions in the order in which they are listed in the Action column until the problem is solved.
  • If an action step is preceded by (Trained technician only), that step must be performed only by a trained technician.
  • Go to the IBM support website at the Lenovo Support Portal to check for technical information, hints, tips, and new device drivers or to submit a request for information.
The number of serial ports that are identified by the operating system is less than the number of installed serial ports.
  1. Make sure that:
    • Each port is assigned a unique address in the Setup utility and none of the serial ports is disabled.
    • The serial-port adapter (if one is present) is seated correctly.
  2. Reseat the serial port adapter.
  3. Replace the serial port adapter.
A serial device does not work.
  1. Make sure that:
    • The device is compatible with the server.
    • The serial port is enabled and is assigned a unique address.
    • The device is connected to the correct connector.
  2. Reseat the following components:
    1. Failing serial device
    2. Serial cable
  3. Replace the following components one at a time, in the order shown, restarting the server each time:
    1. Failing serial device
    2. Serial cable
    3. (Trained technician only) System board