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Advanced Settings Utility program

The Advanced Settings Utility (ASU) program is an alternative to the Setup utility for modifying UEFI settings.

Use the ASU program online or out of band to modify UEFI settings from the command line without the need to restart the system to access the Setup utility.

You can also use the ASU program to configure the optional remote presence features or other IMM settings. The remote presence features provide enhanced systems-management capabilities.

In addition, the ASU program provides limited settings for configuring the IPMI function in the IMM through the command-line interface.

Use the command-line interface to issue setup commands. You can save any of the settings as a file and run the file as a script. The ASU program supports scripting environments through a batch-processing mode.

For more information and to download the ASU program, go to the Advanced Settings Utility (ASU) for Lenovo x86 servers website.