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UEFI/POST diagnostic codes

UEFI/POST diagnostic error codes can be generated when the server starts or while the server is running. UEFI/POST codes are logged in the IMM event log in the server.

For each event code, the following fields are displayed:

Event identifier
An identifier that uniquely identifies an event.
Event description
The logged message string that appears for an event.
Additional information to explain why the event occurred.
An indication of the level of concern for the condition. The severity is abbreviated in the event log to the first character. The following severities can be displayed.
Table 1. Event severity levels.

InformationalAn informational message is something that was recorded for audit purposes, usually a user action or a change of states that is normal behavior.
WarningA warning is not as severe as an error, but if possible, the condition should be corrected before it becomes an error. It might also be a condition that requires additional monitoring or maintenance.
ErrorAn error typically indicates a failure or critical condition that impairs service or an expected function.
User response
The actions that you should take to resolve the event.

Perform the steps in the order shown until the problem is solved. After you perform all of the actions that are described in this field, if you cannot solve the problem, contact Lenovo Support.

The following is the list of the UEFI/POST error codes and suggested actions to correct the detected problems.