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Consumable parts

This topic provides a list of server consumable parts.

Consumable parts are not covered by the Lenovo Statement of Limited Warranty. The following consumable parts are available for purchase from the retail store.

Table 1. Consumable parts, Type 6241
IndexDescriptionPart number
 ServeRAID M5200 Series Flash Power Module Kit47C8696
 ServeRAID M5100 Series Flash Power Module Kit81Y4579
To order a consumable part, complete the following steps:
Changes are made periodically to the World Wide Web. The actual procedure might vary slightly from what is described in this document.
  1. Go to the Lenovo website.
  2. From the Support menu, select Support resources.
  3. Select Data Center as the product family.
  4. Enter a machine type of 6241 and select System x3850 X6 - Type 6241.
  5. From the Parts & Accessories menu, select Parts lookup.
  6. Find your part by searching available parts for your machine serial number or by looking up the part number, if it is known.

If you need help with your order, choose one of the options available after clicking Contact Us, or contact your local Lenovo representative for assistance.