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Lenovo XClarity Controller Redfish REST API

The Lenovo XClarity Controller provides a Redfish compliant set of easy-to-use REST APIs that can be used to access Lenovo XClarity Controller data and services from applications running outside of the Lenovo XClarity Controller framework.

This allows for easy integration of Lenovo XClarity Controller capabilities into other software, whether the software is running on the same system as the Lenovo XClarity Controller server, or on a remote system within the same network. These APIs are based on the industry standard Redfish REST API and are accessed via the HTTPS protocol.

The XClarity Controller Redfish REST API user guide can be found here: XClarity Controller Redfish REST API user guide.

Lenovo provides open source sample Redfish scripts that can be used as reference for developing software that communicates with Lenovo Redfish REST API. These sample scripts can be found here:

DMTF specifications related to the Redfish API are available at: This website provides general specifications and other reference material on the Redfish REST API.