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Backing up the BMC configuration

The information in this topic describes how to back up the BMC configuration.

Select Backup and Restore under BMC Configuration. At the very top is the Backup BMC configuration section.

If a backup was previously made, you will see the details in the Last backup field.

To backup the current BMC configuration, follow the steps shown below:
  1. Specify the password for the BMC backup file.
  2. Select if you wish to encrypt the whole file or only sensitive data.
  3. Begin the backup process by clicking Start Backup. During the process, you are not allowed to perform any restore/reset actions.
  4. When the process is completed, a button will appear to let you download the and save the file.
When the user sets up a new XClarity Controller user/password and performs a backup of the configuration, the default account/password (USERID/PASSW0RD) is included as well. Subsequently deleting the default account/password from the backup will result in the system showing a message notifying the user that there is a failure in restoring the XClarity Controller account/password. Users can ignore this message.