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Configuring a SAS RAID array

Use this information to configure a SAS RAID array.

Configuring a SAS RAID array applies only to a blade server (machine type 8028) in which two SAS storage drives are installed.

You can use two SAS storage drives in the blade server to implement and manage RAID level-0 (striping) or RAID level-1 (mirror) arrays in operating systems that are listed on the ServerProvenĀ® list at For the blade server, you must configure the SAS RAID by using the LSI Configuration Utility program.

If an optional expansion unit is installed, you can use it to control all of the SAS storage drives that are installed in the blade server. Enable this feature by using the Device and I/O Ports choice in Configuration/Setup Utility program (see Configuration/Setup Utility menu for information and instructions).

Important: You must create the RAID array before you install the operating system on the blade server.

You can use the LSI Logic Configuration Utility program to configure the SAS storage drives and the SAS controller. To start the LSI Logic Configuration Utility, complete the following steps:
  1. Turn on the blade server (make sure that the blade server is the owner of the keyboard, video, and mouse). See Turning on the blade server.
  2. When the message Press Ctrl-C to start LSI Logic Configuration Utility is displayed, press F1. If an administrator password has been set, you must type the administrator password to access the full LSI Logic Configuration Utility menu.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to modify the SAS storage drive and SAS controller settings.