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Flex System Manager management node

The Flex System Manager management node is a platform management appliance that you can use to configure and manage multiple chassis platforms remotely.

The Flex System Manager management node provides systems-management functions for all compute nodes in a multiple-chassis configuration. The management node can be installed in any node bay.

Illustration of an Flex System Manager management node
  • You can install up to two management nodes in a multiple-chassis configuration for redundancy (one management node in two of the chassis). This enables the system to continue to operate without disruption if one fails.
  • When you install a second management node in a multiple-chassis configuration, make sure that it is installed in a different node bay than the first management node in the first chassis. For example, if the first management node is in node bay 1 of the first chassis, then the second management node must be in a node bay other than node bay 1 in a different chassis.
  • The management nodes default static IP address depends in part on the node bay that it is installed in. If you install two management nodes in the same node bay in different chassis in a multiple-chassis configuration, they will have the same default IP address.
  • In a configuration with two management nodes, configure one management node and bring it up before you configure the second management node.

The Flex System Manager management node provides the following features and functions:

  • Basic life-cycle management of all chassis components:
    • Configuration, diagnostics, health, alerts, and updates
    • Multiple-chassis management (optional feature)
    • Network manager
    • Service and support manager
  • Service data collection
  • Advanced managers:
    • Network control
    • Storage control
    • VMcontrol - Enterprise (optional feature)

The Service and Support Manager function of the Flex System Manager automatically detects serviceable hardware problems and collects supporting data for serviceable hardware problems that occur on your monitored systems.

The Electronic Service Agent tool is integrated with Service and Support Manager and transmits serviceable hardware problems and associated support files to Support.

For more information about the Flex System Manager, see the Flex System Manager information page.