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Remove 42U Heavy Duty Rack Extension

See this topic to learn how to remove 42U Heavy Duty Rack Extension.


  1. If any devices are installed to the extension panels, remove them (see Remove a 0U PDU or Remove a 1U PDU or console switch from the rack side).
  2. Remove the door from the rack cabinet (seeRemove a door).
  3. Remove the two hinges, two door stops, and the door latch if necessary.
    Figure 1. Removing the door hinges, doorstops and latch

  4. Remove the four screws that secure each of the two front covers, and remove the covers.
    Figure 2. Removing the extension front covers

  5. Remove the four screws that secure the top cover, and remove the cover.
    Figure 3. Removing the extension top cover

  6. Remove the seven screws that secure the extension panel, and repeat the step on the other extension panel.
    Figure 4. Installing an extension panel

After this task is completed

Complete the following steps to install the door back to the rack if necessary.
  1. Install the door latch.
    Figure 5. Installing the door latch

  2. Install the two hinges and the two doorstops.
    Figure 6. Installing the hinges and doorstops

  3. Install the door.
    Figure 7. Installing the door

    • Align the door with the hinges, and hold the door in place.
    • Push the hinge pins down to the closed position so that the door is secured.