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Removing and installing the side covers

See this topic to learn how to remove and install the side covers.

About this task

Due to the weight of the side cover, this task required two people.

Remove a side cover


Remove the side cover.
Figure 1. Removing a side cover

  • Unlock the side cover with the key.
  • Press on the two latches on both sides of the cover to disengage it from the rack.
  • Rotate the top of the side cover away from the rack, and remove it.

Install a side cover


  1. Install the side cover.
    Figure 2. Installing the side cover

    • Align the bottom of the side cover with the slot on the rack cabinet.
    • Rotate the top of the cover towards the rack.
  2. Secure the side cover to the rack cabinet.
    Figure 3. Securing the side cover

    This procedure is best executed by two people.
    • Press and hold the latch of one side, and firmly press the upper corner in.
    • Repeat the previous step on the other side.
    • Lock the side cover with the key.