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Reverse a door

See this topic to learn how to reverse a door.


  1. Remove the door.
    Figure 1. Removing a door

    • Hold the door in place, and lift both hinge pins until they lock in the open position so that the door is disengaged.
    • Remove the door from the rack cabinet frame.
  2. Remove the two hinges and the two doorstops.
    Figure 2. Removing the hinges and the doorstops

  3. Reverse the door latch.
    Figure 3. Reversing the door latch

    • Remove the two screws that secure the latch to the rack.
    • Rotate the latch 180 degree, and secure it to the opposite side on the rack cabinet with two screws.
  4. Reverse the hinge orientation
    Figure 4. Reversing the hinge orientation

    • Pull the retainer spring out to release the hinge pin from the hinge.
    • Pull and remove the pin from the hinge.
    • Rotate the hinge 180 degree.
    • Insert the pin from the top of the hinge.
  5. Repeat the previous step on the other hinge.
  6. Install the two reversed hinges and the two doorstops to the opposite sides of the rack cabinet frame.
    Figure 5. Installing hinges and doorstops

  7. Reverse the door handle.
    Figure 6. Reversing the door handle

    • Rotate the door 180 degree.
    • Remove the screw that secures the handle to the door.
    • Rotate the door handle 180 degree, and secure it to the door with a screw.
  8. Install the door.
    Figure 7. Installing the door

    • Align the door with the hinges, and hold the door in place.
    • Push the hinge pins down to the closed position so that the door is secured.