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Changing setting values in security mode

From V2.6.0, OneCLI supports users to change the setting values in the security mode without specifying them in the command line. In the security mode, OneCLI encrypts the setting values and saves them in the file specified by users in OneCLI config file.

Only the config set command supports this function.


  1. Run the encrypt command to encrypt the file with plain text setting values.

    The template file is available in Sample/setting.json. Sample command:
    OneCli encrypt --configfile setting.json --unattended
  2. Remove the file.

  3. Run the OneCLI config set command to change the setting name of the file with plain text setting values information.

    • It is unnecessary for the user to specify the setting values when running the set command.

    • Sample command:
      OneCli config set IMM.Password.1