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Known limitations, problems, and workarounds

Known limitations, problems, and workarounds for Lenovo Hardware PRO Pack for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

  • Estimated lag time (latency) for SCVMM Managed Hosts discovery

    After installation, it might take up to six hours for an IBM system to show up in the Lenovo SCVMM-Managed Licensed Hosts (PRO Views) > Licensed SCVMM-Managed Hosts Status view. The time for all hardware components to be discovered and to start indicating their health state might take from five minutes up to six hours.

    Latency is subject to a variety of directly related influences:
    • The number of managed systems in the discovery task.
    • The performance of the Operations Manager database.
    • The amount and speed of network traffic.
    • The default discovery interval value in Operations Manager Server.

    Workaround: Latency for discovery is normal behavior for Lenovo Hardware Management Pack. However, you can override default monitoring interval values to set a shorter interval. Click Resources > System Center Operations Manager Help to find more information about overrides in the online help.

  • After dismissing a tip in the Pro tips window, the tip is not displayed again if you do not resolve the error

    When PRO tips displays a tip and you dismiss it, the error is not displayed again if it has not been resolved. However, if you correct the issue and the issue occurs again, the tip reappears.

  • Lenovo Hardware PRO Pack alert titles might not show details about the alert

    When viewing Lenovo Hardware PRO Pack alerts, the alert title might not have many details in it. To view more details about the alert on the SCOM console for the server being investigated, navigate to Health Explorer, and click on the alert. On the right panel, click the State Change Events tab, and view the description section on that page.

  • Lenovo Hardware PRO Pack, v5.6 is not supported in an unlicensed environment

    Installing and usingLenovo Hardware PRO Pack for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager in an unlicensed environment is not supported. Doing so might cause unexpected results for all monitored hosts.

    For best results, when moving from a licensed environment to an unlicensed environment, uninstall the Lenovo Hardware PRO Pack for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

  • PRO tips description is truncated in the detail window if the window is not maximized

    When the PRO tips window is not maximized, some text may not be shown completely. To work around this issue, maximize the window to show the full text. Microsoft has confirmed that this is a known issue, which will be corrected in a future update.

  • PRO Configuration settings not in effect in this version

    Due to a SCVMM 2012 upgrade limitation, all Lenovo Hardware PRO Pack monitors are enabled and the recovery function is turned on. The settings in the PRO Configuration window (Monitor and Remediate options) are not in effect in this version.

Other known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations are related to monitoring IBM systems.