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Supported systems

Lenovo Hardware PRO Pack supports the servers listed in the following table. Power monitoring support is available for the uEFI/IMM System x and BladeCenter servers denoted with an asterisk (*). These systems are running Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and IBM Systems Director Platform Agent v6.2.1 and later only.

Table 1. Supported IBM and Lenovo servers
Server product nameMachine type
BladeCenter HS128014, 8028
BladeCenter HS218853
BladeCenter HS227870*, 7809*
BladeCenter HS22V7871*
BladeCenter HS237875*, 1929
BladeCenterHS23E8038, 8039
BladeCenter HX57872*
BladeCenter LS217971
BladeCenter LS227901
BladeCenter LS417972
BladeCenter LS427902
Flex System x220 Compute Node7906, 2585
Flex System x240 Compute Node8737, 8738, 7863
Flex System x440 Compute Node 7917
Flex System x280 X6/x480 X6/x880 X6 Compute Node4259, 7903
NeXtScale Node5455, 5456
System x3250 M34251*, 4252*
System x3250 M42583, 2587
System x3250 M55458
System x3300 M47382
System x33504192
System x3400 M37378*, 7379*
System x3500 M37380*
System x 3500 M47383*
System x3530 M47160
System x35507978
System x3550 M37944*
System x3550 M47914*
System x3620 M37376*
System x3630 M37377*
System x3630 M4 7158
System x36507979
System x3650 M37945*
System x3650 M47915*
System x3650 M4 BD5466
System x3690 X57147, 7148*
System x3750 M48722, 8733, 8752, 8718
System x37557163
System x3755 M37164
System x3850 M27141
System x3850 X57145*, 7146*
System x3850 X6/x3950 X63837, 3839
System x3950 M27141
System x3950 X57145*
System xiDataPlex dx360 M47912*, 7913*