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ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator

ServiceNow for Lenovo XClarity Orchestrator is a plug-in for ServiceNow that integrates with XClarity Orchestrator. It retrieves inventory data from XClarity Orchestrator into the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB), and enables event management, including viewing the information of fans, power supplies, and switches, and monitoring events of the Lenovo servers.

ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator connects to XClarity Orchestrator to synchronize inventory data between ServiceNow and XClarity Orchestrator using an HTTPS connection.

The primary feature of ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator is to retrieve inventory data from registered XClarity Orchestrator instances import the data into the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) and enable event management. The incidents updated in the ServiceNow Incident table are reflected back to the XClarity Orchestrator instances.

Inventory data is imported into the ServiceNow CMDB, allowing you to use and track them along with existing inventories. As a part of event management, ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator raises incidents for serviceability events. Each incident includes inventory data from the hardware experiencing the issues. The ServiceNow incident passes on to the XClarity Orchestrator for further tracking. The ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator generates an email notification on incident creation and updating.

Event management helps you to track and resolve service requests that are generated from ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator. This integration enhances XClarity Orchestrator capabilities by merging them with ServiceNow capabilities.

ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator supports the following features:

  • Register XClarity Orchestrator with ServiceNow.
  • Import inventories and map them into the ServiceNow CMDB .
  • Set up ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator as an event monitor in XClarity Orchestrator.
  • Raise incidents for serviceability events.
  • Send incident details to the XClarity Orchestrator instance that passed the generated event.
  • Send incident updates from ServiceNow to XClarity Orchestrator.
  • Provide email notification for any changes/updates in the Incident Table.

The following XClarity Orchestrator roles are required to perform certain functions.

  • Operator or higher role is needed to import inventory and map them into the ServiceNow CMDB.
  • Administrator or Supervisor role is needed to create data forwarders in XClarity Orchestrator to send event information.