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Using ServiceNow for XClarity Orchestrator workflows

Use information in this section to perform specific tasks in ServiceNow for Lenovo XClarity Orchestrator.

About this task

  • REST Basic Authentication

    • REST User Credentials

  • Administrator Configuration

    • Lenovo XClarity Configurations

    • Lenovo XClarity Queues

  • Events

    • Lenovo XClarity Incidents

    • Event Monitors

    • Lenovo XClarity Events

    • REST Message

  • All Inventories

    • Fan

    • Power Supplies

    • Switches

    • Nodes

    • Storage

    • Chassis


To view the ServiceNow workflows, complete the following steps.

  1. From the ServiceNow portal, type Lenovo in the left panel Search box.
  2. Click the required link to view more details in the right pane and to perform various actions.