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The section introduces detailed functions for SMM2 web interface.

There are overall six function tabs:
  • Summary

  • Power

  • Cooling

  • System Information

  • Event Log

  • Configuration

Moving a mouse cursor over the function tab buttons will reveal the subcategories of the function. Clicking on the tab or subcategories will take users directly to the function.

Figure 1. Overview
  • Click on the Refresh button on SMM2 web pages to refresh. If users press F5 on a keyboard or click refresh on a browser, the web page will redirect to login page for security considerations.

  • Pages with Refresh button does not refresh periodically, except voltage overview and cooling overview. Auto-refresh interval is every 30 seconds on these two pages. For the other pages, click Refresh button to get the latest readings and status.

  • The session will expire when users do not perform any action on web pages for an interval (default value is 20 minutes), except when users stay on an auto-refresh page.

Figure 2. General Settings — Refresh
General Settings — Refresh