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Problem determination

Use the information in this section to isolate and resolve issues that you might encounter while using your server.

Lenovo servers can be configured to automatically notify Lenovo Support if certain events are generated. You can configure automatic notification, also known as Call Home, from management applications, such as the Lenovo XClarity Administrator. If you configure automatic problem notification, Lenovo Support is automatically alerted whenever a server encounters a potentially significant event.

To isolate a problem, you should typically begin with the event log of the application that is managing the server:
  • If you are managing the server from the Lenovo XClarity Administrator, begin with the Lenovo XClarity Administrator event log.

  • If you are using some other management application, begin with the Lenovo XClarity Controller event log.

Web resources

  • Tech tips

    Lenovo continually updates the support website with the latest tips and techniques that can be used to solve issues that the server might encounter. These Tech Tips (also called retain tips or service bulletins) provide procedures to work around issues or solve problems related to the operation of your server.

    To find the Tech Tips available for your server:
    1. Go to Lenovo Data Center Support and navigate to the support page for your server.

    2. Click on How To’s from the navigation pane.

    3. Click Article Type > Solution from the drop-down menu.

      Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the category for the problem that you are having.

  • Lenovo Data Center Forum