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Wireless enabled LOM package preset

See this topic to learn how to apply preset configuration of wireless enabled LOM package.

Setting up the network topology

A network topology is an arrangement of network in which all nodes connect with each other using network links. Several network topologies presets have been defined to facilitate port assignment of the server. Depends on usage scenario, server can operate as a standalone system or as a dhcp relay servers.

There are three types of network topology available for chosen (configuration 1-3 are preset, configuration 4 is available for customization).

To change between topologies, use Lenovo XClarity Controller or Embedded Switch CLI (access through SSH):
  • Embedded Switch CLI (access through SSH): use command sudo set_topology 1

    • Change topology by changing the number in the command. This number could be 1-4. Note that topology 4 could only be used after customized setting has been created.

  • WLAN and IPMI over KCS Accessare disabled by default, so it is required to enable them through XCC.

  • System resets the network settings of ports to default after users change network topology.


  • Topology 1: Default for management setting

    Figure 1. Default for XCC setting

    • There is no external network connection

    • Default for XCC setting through RJ45 management port by client

  • Topology 2: Wireless network for X86 and XCC

    Figure 2. Wireless network For X86 & XCC

    • This config is to connect external WLAN network for X86 & XCC

    • For security concern, XCC WLAN is disabled by default

  • Topology 3: Bridge network for X86 and XCC

    Figure 3. Bridge Network For X86 & XCC

    • Bridge network for x86 and XCC

    • Relayed for WLAN network

    • Topology 3-1: BMC network bridge

      Figure 4. BMC Network Bridge

      • Bridge network for x86 and XCC

      • Relayed for WLAN network

        Figure 5. BMC Network Bridge

Configuration 4 (Custom Configuration):

If no configuration is found to meet the requirements, the customized configuration is available. It is best practice to select a preset which is similar to the requirements, and then adjust the setting through Embedded Switch CLI, see example commands in below:

Table 1. Configuration 6- customized configuration
# Disable IPv6 on embedded network module
sudo uci set network.mgmt_lan.ipv6=0
sudo uci set network.x86_lan.ipv6=0
sudo uci set network.loopback.ipv6=0
sudo uci changes
sudo uci commit network
sudo /etc/init.d/network restart

# Save the change into custom preset
sudo save_topology_config

# Change to custom preset (Or go to XCC web,”Edge Networking”, select “custom configuration”)
sudo set_topology 4
To see content of custom configuration, go to Configuration display in Embedded switch CLI for wireless LOM Package configuration.

BMC network bridge

BMC network bridge is an configuration to select the outbound interface to access to BMC management port. There are four options as shown below. The default is “None”, which means only management port can access XCC interface.

  • Lenovo XClarity Controller
    Figure 6. BMC network bridge
  • Embedded Switch CLI (access through SSH): use commands of BMC Network Bridge.