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System-board connectors

Use this information to locate compute node system-board components and connectors for optional devices.

The following illustration shows the system-board components, including connectors for user-installable optional devices, in the compute node.

Figure 1. System-board connectors
System-board connectors
Table 1. System-board connectors
1 DIMM slots 13–189 DIMM slots 7–12
2 Processor socket 210 DIMM slots 19–24
3 DIMM slots 1–611 Switch blocks
4 Processor socket 112 CMOS battery - CR2032
5 I/O expansion 1 connector13 Light path diagnostics
6 Fabric connector socket14 M.2 backplane connector
7 Trusted Cryptographic Module (TCM) connector15 2.5-inch drive backplane connector
8 I/O expansion 2 connector