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Install the 3.5-inch backplane

Use this information to install the 3.5-inch backplane.

About this task

Depending on the configuration, the following illustration might differ slightly from your backplane.


Install the backplane.
  1. Insert the backplane into the chassis at an angle. Make sure the pins are against the backplane on the backside.
  2. Rotate the backplane up towards the front of the server.
  3. Close the retaining clips to secure the backplane in place.
    Figure 1. 3.5-inch backplane installation
    3.5-inch backplane installation
    1 Pin

After you finish

  1. Connect the cables to the backplane. See Backplane and backplate cable routing.

  2. Install the top cover. See Install the top cover.

  3. Install all drives and drive fillers into the drive bays. See Install a hot-swap drive.

  4. Complete the parts replacement. See Complete the parts replacement.