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FQXSFPU0018N : CATERR(IERR) has asserted on processor [arg1].

CATERR(IERR) has asserted on processor [arg1].


[arg1] Socket number, 1-based



User Action

Complete the following steps:

  1. Check Lenovo Support site for an applicable service bulletin or UEFI firmware update that applies to this processor error.
  2. Power off the system and remove A/C power.
  3. Restore A/C power and power on the system.
  4. Determine if there have been recent changes to the hardware, firmware or operating system. Reverse them if possible
  5. If the problem persists, collect Service Data logs and contact Lenovo Support.
    The solution for this error may involve a system board replacement. If TPM encryption has been enabled, back up TPM Encryption Recovery Key.