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Processor and heat sink replacement

Use the following procedures to replace an assembled processor and heat sink, known as a processor-heat-sink module (PHM), a processor, or a heat sink.

  • Before you begin replacing a processor, make sure that you have an alcohol cleaning pad (part number 00MP352) and gray thermal grease (part number 41Y9292).

  • Intel Xeon SP Gen 2 processors are supported on the system board with part number 01PE842. If you use the system board with part number 01GV277, update your system firmware to the latest level before installing an Intel Xeon SP Gen 2 processor. Otherwise, the system cannot be powered on.

The processor in your server can throttle, temporarily lowering speed to reduce heat output, in response to thermal conditions. In instances where the throttling period is of extremely short duration (100 ms or less), the only indication will be an entry in the event log. In these instances the event can be ignored and processor replacement is not required.