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Power on and power off problems

Use this information to resolve issues when powering on or powering off the server.

Embedded hypervisor is not in the boot list

Complete the following steps until the problem is solved.
  1. If the server has been installed, moved, or serviced recently, or if this is the first time the embedded hypervisor is being used, make sure that the device is connected properly and that there is no physical damage to the connectors.

  2. See the documentation that comes with the optional embedded hypervisor flash device for setup and configuration information.

  3. Check Lenovo ServerProven website to validate that the embedded hypervisor device is supported for the server.

  4. Make sure that the embedded hypervisor device is listed in the list of available boot options. From the management controller user interface, click Server Configuration > Boot Options.

    For information about accessing the management controller user interface, see Opening and Using the XClarity Controller Web Interface section in the XCC documentation compatible with your server at:

    Lenovo XClarity Controller portal page

  5. Check Lenovo Support Portal for any tech tips (service bulletins) related to the embedded hypervisor and the server.

  6. Make sure that other software works on the server to ensure that it is working properly.

The power button does not work (server does not start)

The power button will not function until approximately 1 to 3 minutes after the server has been connected to ac power to allow time for BMC to initialize.
Complete the following steps until the problem is resolved:
  1. Make sure that the power button on the server is working correctly:

    1. Disconnect the server power cords.

    2. Reconnect the server power cords.

    3. Reseat the operator information panel cable, and then repeat steps 1a and 1b.

      • If the server starts, reseat the operator information panel.

      • If the problem remains, replace the operator information panel.

  2. Make sure that:

    • The power cords are correctly connected to the server and to a working electrical outlet.

    • The LEDs on the power supply do not indicate a problem.

    • The Power button LED is lit on and flash slowly.

    • The push force is enough and with button force response.

  3. If the power button LED didn't lit on or flash correctly, reseat all the power supplies and make sure AC LED on PSU rear side are lit on.

  4. If you have just installed an optional device, remove it, and restart the server.

  5. If the issue is still observed or without power button LED lit on, implement the minimum configuration to check whether any specific components lock the power permission. Replace the each power supply and check the power button function after installing the each one.

  6. If everything is still done and the issue cannot be resolved, collect the failure information with system logs captured to Lenovo support.

Server does not power on

Complete the following steps until the problem is resolved:
  1. Check the event log for any events related to the server not powering on.

  2. Check for any LEDs that are flashing amber.

  3. Check the power LED on the system board.

  4. Check if AC power LED is lit on or the amber LED is lit on at the PSU rear side.

  5. AC cycle the system.

  6. Remove the CMOS battery for at least ten seconds, then, reinstall the CMOS battery.

  7. Try to power on the system by IPMI command through XCC or by the power button.

  8. Implement the minimum configuration (one processor, one DIMM and one PSU without any adapter and any drive installed).

  9. Reseat all power supplies and make sure that AC LEDs on the PSU rear side are lit.

  10. Replace the each power supply and check the power button function after installing the each one.

  11. If the issue cannot be resolved by above actions, call service to review the issue symptom and see whether the system board replacement is necessary.

Server does not power off

Complete the following steps until the problem is resolved:
  1. Determine whether you are using an Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) or a non-ACPI operating system. If you are using a non-ACPI operating system, complete the following steps:

    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

    2. Turn off the server by pressing the power button and holding it down for 5 seconds.

    3. Restart the server.

    4. If the server fails POST and the power button does not work, disconnect the power cord for 20 seconds; then, reconnect the power cord and restart the server.

  2. If the problem remains or if you are using an ACPI-aware operating system, suspect the system board.