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Simple-swap drive replacement

Use this information to remove and install a simple-swap drive.

  • The term “simple-swap drive” refers to all the supported types of simple-swap hard disk drives (HDDs) and simple-swap solid-state drives (SSDs).

  • You must power off the server before installing or replacing a simple-swap drive.

  • Use any documentation that comes with the drive and follow those instructions in addition to the instructions in this topic. Ensure that you have all the cables and other equipment that are specified in the documentation that comes with the drive.

  • The electromagnetic interference (EMI) integrity and cooling of the server are protected by having all drive bays covered or occupied. The vacant bays are either covered by an EMI-protective panel or occupied by drive fillers. When installing a drive, save the removed drive filler in case that you later remove the drive and need the drive filler to cover the place.

  • To avoid damage to the drive connectors, ensure that the top cover is in place and fully closed whenever you install or remove a drive.