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The ThinkSystem™ SR645 server is a 2-socket 1U server that features the new AMD® EPYCTM 7002 family of processors. The server offers a broad selection of drive and slot configurations and offers high performance and expansion for various IT workloads. Combining performance and flexibility, the server is a great choice for enterprises of all sizes.

XClarity Controller network access label

Performance, ease of use, reliability, and expansion capabilities were key considerations in the design of the server. These design features make it possible for you to customize the system hardware to meet your needs today and provide flexible expansion capabilities for the future.

The server comes with a limited warranty. For details about the warranty, see:Lenovo Statement of Limited Warranty

For details about your specific warranty, see:Lenovo Product Warranty Plans

Identifying your server

When you contact Lenovo for help, the machine type and serial number information helps support technicians to identify your server and provide faster service.

The machine type and serial number are on the ID label on the right rack latch in the front of the server.

Figure 1. Location of the ID label
Location of the ID label

The XClarity® Controller network access label is attached on the top side of the pull-out information tab as shown. After you get the server, peel the XClarity Controller network access label away and store it in a safe place for future use.
The pull-out information tab is located on the right bottom of the front side of your server. For detailed information, see Front view.
Figure 2. Location of the XClarity Controller network access label
Location of the XClarity Controller network access label

Quick response code

The system service label, which is on the top cover, provides a quick response (QR) code for mobile access to service information. Scan the QR code with a mobile device and a QR code reader application to get quick access to the Lenovo Service Web site for this server. The Lenovo Service Information Web site provides additional information for parts installation and replacement videos, and error codes for server support.

The following illustration shows the QR code:
Figure 3. QR code
QR code