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Adding memory modules with DCPMMs

Follow the instructions in this section to add memory modules to the existing configuration with DCPMMs.

If DCPMMs are already installed and configured in the system, complete the following steps to add new memory modules.

  1. Update the system firmware to the latest version (see Update the firmware).

  2. Consider the following DCPMM requirements before acquiring new DCPMM units.

    • All the DCPMMs that are installed must be of the same part number.

    • All the DRAM DIMMs that are installed must be of the same type, rank, and capacity with minimum capacity of 16 GB. It is recommended to use Lenovo DRAM DIMMs of the same part number.

  3. See DCPMM and DRAM DIMM installation order to determine the new configuration, and acquire memory modules accordingly.

  4. If the DCPMMs are in Memory Mode and will stay in Memory Mode after new units are installed, follow the combination in Memory Mode to install the new modules in the correct slots. Otherwise, go to the next step.

  5. Make sure to back up the stored data.

  6. If the App Direct capacity is interleaved:
    1. Delete all the created namspaces and filesystems in the operating system.

    2. Perform secure erase on all the DCPMMs that are installed. Go to Intel Optane DCPMMs > Security > Press to Secure Erase to perform secure erase.

    If one or more DCPMMs are secured with passphrase, make sure security of every unit is disabled before performing secure erase. In case the passphrase is lost or forgotten, contact Lenovo service.
  7. Follow the slot combination in DCPMM and DRAM DIMM installation order to install all the DCPMMs and DRAM DIMMs (see Install a memory module).

  8. Disable security on all the installed DCPMMs (see Configure Persistent Memory Module (PMem)).

  9. Make sure the DCPMM firmware is the latest version. If not, update it to the latest version (see Updating firmware on managed devices with LXCA).

  10. Configure DCPMMs so that the capacity is available for use (see Configure Persistent Memory Module (PMem)).

  11. Restore the data that have been backed up.