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DIMM installation rules

DIMMs must be installed in a specific order based on the memory configuration of the server.


List of supported memory module is different for 1st generation (Skylake) and 2nd generation (Cascade Lake) Intel Xeon processors. Make sure to install compatible memory modules to avoid system error. For a list of supported DIMMs, see: Lenovo ServerProven website.

The following illustration shows the location of the DIMM connectors on the system board.
Figure 1. DIMM slots on the system board
DIMM slots
Table 1. DIMM slots on the system board
1 DIMM slot 13 DIMM slot 3
2 DIMM slot 24 DIMM slot 4

For a list of supported DIMM options, see: Lenovo ServerProven website

Make sure to adhere to the following rules:
  • Do not mix ECC and non-ECC DIMMs.

  • Do not mix DIMMs with different voltages.

  • Do not mix low-voltage and regular UDIMMs.

Independent mode

This server supports independent mode only.

Independent mode provides high performance memory capability. You can populate all channels with no matching requirements. Individual channels can run at different DIMM timings, but all channels must run at the same interface frequency.

  • All the DIMMs to be installed should be of the same type and capacity.

The following table shows the DIMM population sequence for independent mode.

Table 2. Independent mode DIMM installation sequence
Total DIMMsSlot 1Slot 2 Slot 3Slot 4
2V  V 
3VV V