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ThinkAgile MX Certified Nodes are a series of Lenovo servers that require Microsoft Windows Server Software-Defined Datacenter (WSSD) certification for all connected components.

Valid configurations must only consist of WSSD HCI-certified components, including:
  • Servers (system, processors, memory)

  • Network interface adapters

  • Storage adapters

  • Storage devices

Current machine types for ThinkAgile MX Certified Nodes include the following:

  • 7Z20: ThinkAgile MX Certified Node on SR650

  • 7D1B/7D2U: ThinkAgile MX1021 on SE350

  • 7D67: ThinkAgile MX3331 Certified Node on SR630 V2

  • 7D66: ThinkAgile MX3531 Certified Node on SR650 V2

  • 7D6UCTO1WW: ThinkAgile MX630 V3 CN

  • 7D6SCTO1WW: ThinkAgile MX650 V3 CN