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ServerGuide features

This information provides an overview of the ServerGuide features.

Features and functions can vary slightly with different versions of the ServerGuide program. To learn more about the version that you have, start the ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD and view the online overview. Not all features are supported on all server models.

The ServerGuide program performs the following tasks:

  • Sets system date and time
  • Detects the RAID adapter or controller and runs the SAS/SATA RAID configuration program
  • Checks the microcode (firmware) levels of a ServeRAID adapter and determines whether a later level is available from the CD
  • Detects installed hardware options and provides updated device drivers for most adapters and devices
  • Provides diskette-free installation for supported Windows operating systems
  • Includes an online readme file with links to tips for your hardware and operating-system installation