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Troubleshooting by symptom

Use the troubleshooting tables to find solutions to problems that have identifiable symptoms.

If you cannot find a solution to the problem in these tables, see DSA diagnostic test results for information about testing the server and Running the DSA Preboot diagnostic programs for additional information about running DSA Preboot program. For additional information to help you solve problems, see Start here.

If you have just added new software or a new optional device and the server is not working, complete the following steps before you use the troubleshooting tables:

  1. Check the system-error LED on the operator information panel (see Operator information panel).
  2. Remove the software or device that you just added.
  3. Run Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) to determine whether the server is running correctly (for information about using DSA, see DSA diagnostic test results).
  4. Reinstall the new software or new device.