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Resetting the BMC to Factory Default

The information in this topic describes how to reset the BMC to the factory default settings.

Select Backup and Restore under BMC Configuration. Located below Restore BMC from Configuration File is the Reset BMC to factory default section.

To reset the BMC to factory defaults, follow the steps shown below:
  1. Click Start to Reset BMC to Factory Defaults.
    • Only users with Supervisor user authority level can perform this action.

    • The Ethernet connection is temporarily disconnected. You must log in the XClarity Controller web interface again after the reset operation is completed.

    • Once you click Start to Reset BMC to Factory Defaults, all previous configuration changes will be lost. If you wish to enable LDAP when restoring the BMC configuration, you will need to first import a trusted security certificate before doing so.

    • After the process is completed, the XClarity Controller will be restarted. If this is a local server, your TCP/IP connection will be lost and you may need to reconfigure the network interface to restore connectivity.

    • Resetting the BMC to Factory Default is not affecting UEFI settings.