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Viewing and configuring the storage inventory

Use the information in this topic to view and configure the storage inventory.

Under the Storage Inventory tab , you can view and configure disk arrays, associated virtual drives and drives for the RAID controller.
  • For storage devices that support RAID configuration:
    1. If the controller includes configured disk arrays, it will display the installed drives based on the disk array.

      The following describes the items that appear in the window.

      • Table title: Shows the disk array ID, RAID level and the total number of drives.
      • Table content: Lists the basic properties - drive name, RAID state, type, serial number, part number, FRU number and actions. You can go to the Inventory page to view all the properties that the XClarity Controller can detect.
      • Actions: The following shows the action items that can be performed. Some actions will not be available when the drive is in a different state.
        • Assign hot spare: Specifies the drive as global hot spare or a dedicated hot spare.

        • Remove hot spare: Removes the drive from the hot spare.

        • Make disk drive offline: Sets the drive to offline.

        • Make disk drive online: Sets the drive to online.

        • Make disk drive as reusable:

          Sets the drive to reusable.
        • Make disk drive as missing

          : Sets the drive as missing.
        • Make drive good to JBOD

          : Adds drive to JBOD disk arrangement.
        • Make drive unconfigured good

          : Makes the drive available to be configured into an array, or for use as an emergency hot spare.
        • Make drive unconfigured bad

          : Marks the drive bad, preventing it from being used in an array or as an emergency hot spare.
        • Make disk drive as prepare for removal

          : Sets the drive for removal.
    2. If the controller includes drives that have not yet been configured, they will be displayed in the Non-RAID drives table. By clicking the Convert JBOD to Ready to Configure option, a window will appear showing all the drives that support this action item. You can select one or more drives to convert.

For storage devices that do not support RAID configuration: The XClarity Controller may not be able to detect the properties of some drives.