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Fill the heat exchanger with water

See this topic to learn how to fill ThinkSystem Rear Door Heat eXchanger for 48U Rack with water.

About this task

Use eye protection
Eye protection should be worn for this procedure.
Wear safety goggles or other eye protection whenever you fill, drain, or purge air or nitrogen from the heat exchanger.


  1. Purge the nitrogen that has been filled in the hose from the hose.
    Figure 1. Purging nitrogen

    • Loosen and remove the cap from the air-purging valve.
    • Press in on the valve stem of the air-purging valve to purge the nitrogen from the heat exchanger. Continue holding in the valve stem until the pressure is released.
  2. Attach the air-purging tool to the air-purging valve at the top of the heat exchanger, and place the drain end into a 2-liter (or larger) container to catch the water and air bubbles that escape during the filling procedure.
    Figure 2. Installing the air-purging tool

  3. Connect the supply and return hose couplings with the manifolds.
    Figure 3. Connecting manifolds

  4. Turn on the flow of water to the heat exchanger, and let it run for several minutes.
  5. When there is a steady stream of liquid into the container from the air-purging tool, disconnect the tool from the heat exchanger.
    If water drips from the air-purging valve after you remove the air-purging tool, reattach the tool and disconnect it again to seal the valve.
    Figure 4. Removing the air-purging tool

  6. Install the valve cap back to the air-purging valve.
    Figure 5. Installing the valve cap