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Configuring serial-to-Telnet or SSH redirection

This topic provides information about using the IMM2 as a serial terminal server.

Serial-to-Telnet or SSH redirection enables a system administrator to use the IMM2 as a serial terminal server. A server serial port can be accessed from a Telnet or SSH connection when serial redirection is enabled.

  1. The IMM2 allows a maximum of two open Telnet sessions. The Telnet sessions can access the serial ports independently so that multiple users can have a concurrent view of a redirected serial port.
  2. The CLI console 1 command is used to start a serial redirection session with the COM port.

Example session

telnet (Press Enter.)
Connecting to
username: USERID (Press Enter.)
password: ******** (Press Enter.)
system> console 1 (Press Enter.)

All traffic from COM2 is now routed to the Telnet session. All traffic from the Telnet or SSH session is routed to COM2.


Type the exit key sequence to return to the CLI. In this example, press Esc and then type a left parenthesis. The CLI prompt displays to indicate return to the IMM2 CLI.